Ashcraft Names GOP Chairman for Edgefield County

COUNTY – The Edgefield County Republican Party has a new chairman as of Tuesday night. District 2 County Councilman Rodney Ashcraft secured the position by a vote of members at a meeting to elect new leadership and delegates to the state convention. Bettis Rainsford Jr. was elected as Vice-chairman.

GOP Chairman Rodney Ashcraft said in an email, “I am excited as the new Chair of the Edgefield County GOP. I will strive towards standards that Edgefield County deserves.”

Ashcraft said,” (former chairman) Ralph McFarland has done a great job and brought us a long way and the new leadership of the party wishes to take the torch and continue on. We have a challenge in front of us as the 2012 election year will prove so. I say thank you to all of those who have supported me and will support our efforts in the future.”

Mr. Rainsford was unable to be reached for comment.

Seven delegates were name to represent Edgefield County at the state level, though their names were not available for this report.


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