Meeting Notice

The Edgefield County Republican Party would like to invite its members to our meeting on June 2nd. We are meeting in the Sweetwater Community Center at 296 Sweetwater Road at 7pm near Cooper Place Subdivision. There are vacancies in several of our GOP positions. They include Vice Chairman, Executive Committeeman, Secretary and Treasurer. If you wish to fill any of these positions then please feel free to be nominated from the floor so that we can vote you into your preferred position. Also, all three Candidates for Solicitor Circuit 11 have been invited to talk about their campaigns. They include Rick Hubbard from Lexington, Candice Lively from Lexington and Larry Wedekind from Chapin.

Please bring membership dues. Except for a few, everyone else is not paid in full. We will be using this money to improve our meetings. Cash and checks are accepted.

Thank You for Your Help
Rodney Ashcraft


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